About Us

Prism was founded in Barbados in 1993 by Edward Ince and Mike Parris, our joint managing directors. At that time business activities centred on technology consultancy for the financial services sector and managing many of the projects spawned from that.

Over the years, the focus of the company has changed to the provision of recurring outsourced business services for government and private industry. While the business model has changed significantly, our financial services background continues to shape the company’s focus on hiring and retaining the right people, strong technology and robust processes.

The Prism group of companies now employs approximately 200 people in the islands of Barbados, Jamaica, St. Lucia and Trinidad. We are proud to be a Caribbean company serving our Caribbean and international clients.

 A Few Highlights for Prism Services 

1993 Prism is born. The name reflects the founders objective that the business would take small ideas and turn them into large businesses for their clients – much like a ray of light is spread out as it passes through a prism.
1994 Prism launches the first ever Visa credit card in the Caribbean for the Mutual Bank.

Prism launches the first dual-currency credit card in the Caribbean with CIBC (incidentally, this was even before Canada had one).

Prism equips Cave Shepherd’s Point of Sale equipment for Visa/ MasterCard transaction processing.

1995 Prism brings together B-Link, three co-operating commercial banks in Barbados. This led to the formation of Carifs, the automated debit/ credit card switch operator that today serves customers of 5 banks. The network links over 100 automated banking machines and 3,500 point-of-sale terminals throughout Barbados. This network, which is still managed under contract by Prism today, registers over 4 million transactions every year.


1996 Prism launches one of the world’s first internet grocery shopping sites with Super Centre, Barbados’ largest Supermarket chain.
1998 Working with Shell, Prism conceptualized, developed and launched the Caribbean’s first Fleet Card.

Prism implements a fully functional Operating Hub in Jamaica for CariCard to provide Debit Acquiring services for Scotiabank. This centre integrates to the Jamaica National Debit switch – Multilink. Today, this centre processes the majority of debit transactions in Jamaica.

2000 Prism is the first to introduce “ON-LINE” Fleet Card services for Texaco in Jamaica.

Prism introduces Electronic Loyalty to the Caribbean market in the form of the Magna Card. Initially, the project is completed on behalf of the Barbados Shipping and Trading (BS&T) Group of Companies in the Barbados market. In partnership with BS&T, Prism spreads the programme to the majority of islands of the English-speaking Caribbean, over the next eight years. Prism still manages the business and runs its day-to-day operations.

2003 Prism launches its first outsourced frequent flier loyalty programme on behalf of a regional airline. We now manage programmes for three of the largest airlines in the region.

Our call centre operation is expanded significantly to look after the day to day needs of many hundreds of thousands of frequent fliers.

2005 Prism acquires a majority share in Trinidad and Tobago Mailing Services Limited (TTMS) in a move designed to broaden its service offering to our target client sectors. TTMS offers mailing services and also represents PFE, the world leader in mailroom insertion equipment, throughout the Caribbean. TTMS now represents Neopost who acquired PFE in 2009.
2006 Prism Acquires Secure Data Management Limited in Barbados, a company specializing in the provision of electronic document management services.
2007 Prism acquires Medicard, a Trinidad and Tobago based discount card programme operator.

Prism expands the Secure Data Management brand to the Trinidad market and quickly wins a 2-year contract to convert a major insurance company’s paperback file to electronic format.

2008 Prism launches Streamline, a Mailing Services Company, in Barbados and Jamaica. The focus of the company is to leverage the wealth of experience and strong relationships that TTMS has developed.
2010 TTMS is officially rebranded Streamline Solutions Mailing Limited and the regional brand Streamline is now represented in all territories.
2011 Prism officially launches a new subsidiary, Spectrum Loyalty Solutions. This new entity will focus on providing quality loyalty management solutions and consulting as well as data services throughout the Caribbean.