Contact Centre

We understand that you are not just looking for someone to answer your phone or make calls for you. You are looking for someone you can trust to represent your business and a partner to help drive real results.

Each new client presents a unique challenge and opportunity.
Our professionals will work with you to document your requirements and then design a personalised solution to meet your needs. We don’t try to make your problem fit our solution. Our solution has the flexibility to fit your needs.

Let us put our team of highly skilled call centre professionals to work for you. Each team member undergoes a rigorous selection process and 6 weeks of training before they ever talk to a live customer. We value a happy and motivated staff. This gives us a low rate of staff turnover and means that you are hiring an experienced team.
Native English Speakers.
Well Trained.
Highest Paid in the market.
Low job turnover.

Prism uses a best–in-class technology solution.
Allowing us to track and record all your calls and make sure that all the important information is saved and provided to you in an actionable format.
Flexible to meet your requirements
Built for redundancy and reliability
Built on Dell PowerEdge servers
Utilises brand name PC’s
Gives real-time queue management
Provides detailed management data

We insist that all of our client relationships are underpinned by a cast iron Service Level Agreement. Both parties have a clear understanding of the services being provided and what is expected of them.
Continuous monitoring, review and feedback is built into all of our solutions and helps us deliver success to our clients.

Our Current Client Services

1. Customer Service Support

2. Customer Loyalty Programme Support

3. Airline Frequent Flier Loyalty Support

4. Airline Reservations

5. Customer Order Processing and Management

6. Credit Card Loyalty Programme Support

7. Telemarketing

8. New Services – Well, we are always looking for new opportunities