Data Centre Solutions

Prism Data Centre and Business Continuity Facility

Prism-TechnologiesPrism Data Centre is the first and only Tier II Conformant data centre in Barbados.

We provide a secure data environment with disaster recovery planning services. 2,800 square feet of vaulted climate controlled server space. With an optimized redundant cooling system. Two (2) 110kVa Standby Generators with intelligent auto-transfer switching ensure a fully redundant power supply.  Fire Protection/Suppression by 3M Novec 1230 system the industry standard for computer and control room protection.  We provide internet connection redundancy with Multiple Carrier internet connection (currently through LIME, Flow and Digicel).

Your data is protected from Natural Disasters.

CoreOur data centre is in a ‘bunker’. A building, with 1-foot thick concrete walls reinforced with steel, built to withstand a category five (5) hurricane.

Located 300ft above sea level and 1.2 miles from the coast, the data centre is considered tsunami proof.

Fully secure environment

With 6 Access Zones of Security, the Data Centre is monitored, and access is regulated at all times with designated security personnel always present.

Business Continuity in the Event of a Disaster

We have hot seat desks along with kitchen and toilet facilities for emergency staff relocation. Office support tools are all in place – workstations, printers, WiFi, Shredders and Fax.

In case of a work place disaster, you can transfer personnel and be up and working, in a minimal amount of time, to ensure business continuity.