Prism Payments incorporates a number of consumer-based businesses that aim to improve the personal online transaction capabilities of Caribbean people living at home and abroad. Prism Payments are committed to creating an inclusive cashless society where anyone with a smart phone can easily achieve their daily banking needs online, from receiving wages to paying bills, without the need to queue up at banks or endanger themselves carrying around large sums of cash.


MyCash offers Jamaicans at home and in the USA a new way to manage their money by mobile. Safer than cash and credit cards, customers do all their daily banking directly from their smartphones, without needing to visit bank branches, complete paperwork or undertake background credit checks. MyCash is accessed entirely through a website and mobile app where customers can receive wages, pay bills and transfer money. Customers also receive an internationally accepted ATM card that works as a free prepaid Mastercard, so now you can shop online or offline anywhere in the world.


Paymaster processes millions of transactions for over one hundred clients, and hundreds of thousands of consumers every year. In Jamaica, Paymaster offers over 200 locations for consumers to pay their bills and over 2000 locations in the UK. The website and app allows the Jamaican diaspora in the US, UK, Canada and beyond to pay bills and top up mobiles of loved ones back home. Recent investment in the core IT systems and website has enhanced customer service and helped clients improve their collection rates.





PRISM TRANSFER connects loved ones in different locations by enabling international remittances, so money is destined to what matters most. Doing so aims to shorten distances and create more ways for exchanging funds conveniently, securely, and easier for customers. PRISM Transfer is continuously increasing its Global Money Transfer Organization partner portfolio to provide more options to their customers. Currently, PRISM Transfers operates via two methods in Haiti: Terms and Conditions



PRISM Haiti Cash Transfers is the fastest way to receive money in Haiti. Customers can collect the money remitted by window pick-up visiting any Fonkoze branch – Haiti's largest microfinance institution. PRISM Haiti Cash Transfers provides an effortless process where the transfer beneficiary is only required to provide the transaction reference number given by the remitter or via SMS along with a valid ID to be paid for the payment to be provided.



Prism Haiti Direct Transfers is a convenient and secure way of sending money to Haiti. Funds can be deposited into the recipient's Fonkoze bank account and withdrawn at any time. Also, money can be sent in HTG or USDs and kept in the currency of preference in the Fonkoze account. This service will be available for Fonkoze's bank account holders in Haiti in the early months of 2021.



Prism Loyalty includes both consumer-based reward scheme, Magna Rewards and business-to-business operation, Spectrum Loyalty. These schemes offer customers immediate and accumulative loyalty rewards, with ever increasing smartphone accessibility, while offering businesses a digital platform to engage in direct, targeted communication with their customers.


Magna Rewards is the largest coalition loyalty program in Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago since its launch in 2002. Members can swipe to earn and instantly redeem their points at 50 of Magna Rewards partners in 100 partner locations in T&T and 273 partner locations in Jamaica . With new and improved digital functionality and mobile accessibility, Magna Rewards aims to bring the Magna Rewards experience to even more customers. Last year they awarded TT$7 Million Points to T&T customers and JA$148 Million Points to Jamaican customers.


Spectrum Loyalty Solutions is a fully integrated loyalty management firm. Using expert knowledge across all areas of loyalty engineering, their innovative, customised solutions allow organisations to strengthen customer loyalty, increase retention and build stakeholder allegiance. Spectrum loyalty programs are built upon their own proprietary web-enhanced loyalty application which supports outsourced and in-house services with connections to social networks, mobile, call centres and merchant touch points. All technologies are fully adaptable and can support programs of any size, in any sector, market or language.




Prism Processing assists businesses with outsourced data storage solutions, online and offline billing systems, plus management and financial services for businesses.


Streamline Solutions assists businesses to save costs and achieve greater efficiency with billing, statements and customer communications in 24 countries. They ensure clients’ communications reach the required target markets with over 300 tons of mail air freighted annually, byworking closely with postal corporations across the Caribbean to improve delivery time and postal rates. Full data security and confidentiality is ensured.


Prism Financial Processing Services Ltd (PFPS) has been providing outsourced management services to clients in the financial industry for the past 20 years. PFPS ensure the efficient and reliable operations of the Barbados National Debit Switch and the daily operations of the inter-bank clearing and settlement services at the Automated Clearing Houses in Barbados and the Cayman Islands, which exchange millions of financial payment transactions each year. Teams of highly trained, experienced ICT and project management consultants work closely with clients across the region to ensure the highest industry standards and best practices are embedded in projects and solutions being deployed within the payments industry. Prism's services in payment systems are vital to the efficiency of the financial sector of Barbados.

On the data security side of the business, PFPS are proud to provide co-location services at our Barbados based, Tier II conformant data centre facility, in operation since January 2014.  The facility provides: fully redundant electrical power and cooling systems, carrier agnostic communication links (fibre, copper and wireless), monitored access control, fire detection and suppressant systems, in both private suites and shared rack space configurations.  In addition, Business Continuity facilities are provided for data centre clients.